Core value
Core ValueFire Code aspires to become a leading outsource provider of online solutions, including website development, graphic design, application structuring and e-commerce. Our leading value is quality. With a team of administrators, programmers and designers skilled as any in developed markets, we are able to deliver an exceptionally high-quality product at a very low cost.

Our quality is enhanced by youth and creativity. We consciously select young and energetic professionals uninhibited by wooden structures or habitual designs. This means along with high-technical quality we can deliver a product that is fresh, vibrant and inline with the latest trends.


  • Daisyhotel
  • Tran Gia Resta
  • USU Aviation
  • Standers
  • Bighouse
  • Dolce Divino
  • Vietnam CEO Club
  • Eastpenquitefarm
  • Pioneer Communications
  • Casa Cao - Pet Resort and Spa
  • Bien Nho Hotel
  • Huong Rung Hotel
  • HASMEA - (Hanoi Small and Medium Enterprises Association)