Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates said Vietnam has the potential to develop as an outsourcing center similar to India, during the first visit by the world's richest person to the Southeast Asian nation.


HANOI - With a portrait of Ho Chi Minh gazing down benevolently opposite the doorway and fan blades making leisurely orbits above, the long green room looks as if it could still belong to officials from the Communist-controlled legislature here, its former occupants.


However, Computer Industry of Vietnam has assessed by Asia-Pacific is listed in leading twenty five most attractive nations in work of Software Outsourcing business. The Offshore Outsourcing from Vietnamese is well known in the America, Hungary, and U.K., Japan etc. and ranking just below India and other neighbor countries. Out of 100 companies, eighty to ninety per cent of Vietnamese Software Outsourcing organizations turnover came from the export.


When Microsoft's video game unit began looking to offshore some work in 2002, Vietnam was hardly an obvious choice. But after a fact-finding team returned from an Asia-wide tour including stops in India, China, and South Korea, a small outfit named Glass Egg Digital in Ho Chi Minh City was a top contender. After successfully completing a pilot project designing 3-D racing cars used on the Forza Motorsport game installed in every Xbox console, Glass Egg's relationship with Microsoft (MSFT) has steadily grown.


Outsourcing services are equally as expansive as outsourcing products, and the competitive capabilities of Vietnamese companies are very impressive - even when measured on a global scale. 


Vietnam has become a strong destination for outsourced software development for the Japanese market. American companies have offshored to Vietnam to take advantage of the country's strong pool of skilled human resources that is responding to the intense international competition.



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