Outsourcing to Vietnam

Vietnam has become a strong destination for outsourced software development for the Japanese market. American companies have offshored to Vietnam to take advantage of the country's strong pool of skilled human resources that is responding to the intense international competition.

Members of the Accelerance Global Partner Network (GPN) from Vietnam have been thoroughly screened and vetted. References have been carefully checked as well as proficiency in spoken and written English. The GPN member has agreed to strict intellectual property protection requirements. You can be confident when working with an Accelerance Partner.

Working with outsourcers in Vietnam – Pluses

Vietnam’s education system has a bias towards mathematics that has created a ready source of talent for the IT industry. High-quality and enthusiastic engineering talent is easily available and ready to implement your software.

If you do not speak Vietnamese, you can still make effective use of talent there if you have a good definition of what you need. Quality assurance work is well suited for Vietnam when you have documented test cases that can be entered into a good testing process.

For software development, it is important to give reasonably clear specifications. Vietnamese engineers will accurately estimate the amount of effort needed and then execute well to deliver your software.

Working with outsourcers in Vietnam - Minuses

Cultural differences make collaboration and innovation for Western markets a challenge. You will not want to rely on Vietnamese engineers to design the user interface for your software.

Consumer and mobile phone applications, that have a market in Vietnam and elsewhere in Asia, are risky due to a traditional lack of respect for intellectual property.

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