Vietnam Export Services of Software Outsourcing

However, Computer Industry of Vietnam has assessed by Asia-Pacific is listed in leading twenty five most attractive nations in work of Software Outsourcing business. The Offshore Outsourcing from Vietnamese is well known in the America, Hungary, and U.K., Japan etc. and ranking just below India and other neighbor countries. Out of 100 companies, eighty to ninety per cent of Vietnamese Software Outsourcing organizations turnover came from the export.

The nation has been planned by the Ministry of Labor, during year 2006-2010, that Vietnam will keep the number of Offshore Outsourcing employees at 75 to 80,000 per year. The country is hoping to export laborers to the American states, Canada, Italy, Australia, and the Middle East in addition to traditional markets such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia. Till this date more than 70,000 laborers have been working in more than 20 countries across the globe for employment including the industry of Software Outsourcing as well.

If FDI- foreign direct investment will go up on the spot exports will soar indicated by, the experts of industry. With that the services provided to foreign invested organizations will also lead to export increase. The report says that over the last few years, the number of foreign tourists to the nations of Vietnam has been consistently increases with more then ten per cent every year. In 2005 alone, Vietnam received 3.4 mil. international tourists, reaping $1.7 bil. Vietnam hopes to see growth of 10% per annum during 2006-2010 and receive 6 mil travelers by 2010.

The nation could gain big turnover with the activities of on-the-spot export, especially Software Outsourcing and tourism; however, such exports had not high turnover due to poor products. Offshore Outsourcing services that are currently available cannot meet the requirements of outsourcer, because limited supply capability of service providers. In addition, country has not focused on providing such kinds of services.

Meanwhile industry of Software Outsourcing, where high hopes were placed, brought mediocre result last time. Offshore Outsourcing failed to reach the target of 500 million dollar worth of software export in last year. Currently Vietnam has more than 610 Software Outsourcing companies that give employment to 16,000 IT-professional and technicians. Over the last three to four years the nation has made big leaps in software outsourcing and gaining growth of 35 to 45 per cent. In future time up to year 2010, high growth rate is expected to helping Offshore Outsourcing industry by bringing 300 to 400 million dollars with turnover.



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