Web maintain & update

Website is considered very important to build the image of your company or organization to the world. Your partners, investors and clients are visiting your website everyday to search for information that they need about your company or organization. They will probably never want to come back to your site if you poorly manage and update information to the site. Imagine that the latest information that updated on your site is 5 months ago, there is no interesting contents on your site and it is even worst that they contact you through website and there is no feedback at all.

A good website, which is able to add more value and enhance a company's or organization's image, should be able to provide enough information about the company/organization, frequently update new contents, good design fit to company or organization image and its target audiences and always appear on the top sites, which are listed on famous global search engines. Therefore, maintain and update your website is even more important and need to have more priorities than developing it.

Fire Code is providing web maintaining and updating service, which includes:

  • Content editing and updating: your website will be feed with new contents, with professional look, nice layout, better management in order to effectively provide information to visitors or simply attract new investors, partners or clients and improve the level of listing of the global search engines.
  • Statistic - report: we provide your company or organization statistic numbers to give a better understanding on the fact of your website's situation. You will be able to see the daily, monthly, yearly traffic and hits statistic of your site. These statistic numbers will allow you to have a broad picture of what the situation of your website, what section on your site is visited everyday, which content item get the most hits, your site visitors from which countries in the region and the world, etc. From that picture you will be able to assess your site and work out the strategy on how to improve it to a better level.
  • System maintain: managing and optimizing server to ensure the system is secured and keeping the site downtime to minimum, fast, high and stable download / upload speed.
  • Monitoring the range of listing on global search engines: optimizing your site, make sure that your site is registered and improve the level of listing on global search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, DMOZ, ...

To own a fresh, attractive and up-to-date website to your investors, partners and clients to reach your company's or organization's communications and marketing goals please let us take care of your website.

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