Web upgrade

You have developed a website for your company/organization, it has been a long time since your website was officially launched and you want to:

  • Update new contents to the site by yourselves
  • Make changes to the content structure
  • New template, new look for the site. For example: apply new template for big events such as new year, Christmas...
  • Expand your business, add new language, more features ...
  • Add new functions. For example: Expand your website to an online shop, customer online support, two way communications with your customers...
  • ...

You can't just do it by yourselves or even spend more money to upgrade your website compare to the cost that you used to develop the site from the beginning. Just because of the following reasons:

  • Too old technology that doesn't allow you to update new contents to the site by yourselves and so you must upgrade anyway. Or
  • The CMS (Content Management System) that you are using for you site doesn't support the function change the site template or the user interface or only allow to change a limited areas on your site.
  • You have to hire consultant to add new functions and the cost might be greater than the cost you spent for developing your site before.
  • .. and thousands of other reasons...

Therefore, Fire Code is providing a professional web upgrading service to companies or organizations, who want to better manage their site: actively updating new contents, frequently change new user interface or add new functions, which the old service providers were not able to provide.

Our web upgrading services include:

  • Upgrading static website to CMS website
  • Upgrading company profile website to e-commerce/online shopping website.
  • Upgrading company profile website to news portal website
  • Upgrading existing website modules to new version of technology
  • Adding new component to the existing CMS

If you want to manage your website effectively and efficiently or simply upgrade your website. Let us to take care of everything, contact to use our service now and feel the difference.



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