Service packages
Company online profile websites
What does your company or organization need?
  • Company online profile / portfolio?
  • Marketing your company's products and services
  • Update your company's or organization's news and events
  • High-tech website...
Products catalog - online shop
You, your company needs a products catalog - online shop website, which should have the follow features:
  • Multi-languages interface: allow you to introduce your product in many languages
  • Able for customizing layout: easy to adjust layout to suit with each company and type of product.
  • Detailed presentation for each product: Category, Name, Property, Description, Comments from users, Price, Tax …
  • Easy for administration of store.
  • Quotation management
  • Online support
  • Multi-payment methods: by cash, online payment, etc.
  • Professional design for an online shop

Travel, tour & entertainment
You or your company need a travel and tour website which should have:
  • Good tour management system: well managed & categorized list of Tour & travel agendas with detail itinerary 
  • Searchable tour information: your customers should be able to find detail information on your tours
  • Online booking services: your customers should be able to save time and effort to book tours easily through your website.
  • Information library: allow your customers to find information about the countries / region / destination of your tours such as images, video, generic information on the public transportation includea airplane schedule, train station, bus destination, foreign exchange rate or even weather forecasting, etc...
  • Or simply just a "Cool design" for a professional tour and travel website!
News portals
Coming soon
Other type bases on request
In case you want a website which not fall in any category of service package that we offer, we are very happy to listen to what you need and we will customize your website from scratch base on your needs. Let us know how we can help and we will probably provide you best advice. Contact us now and feel the difference.


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