Any benefits of the business when no website.
Friday, 19 December 2008 15:29

E-commerce in general but specifically the site is really a new business channels, effective and very economic for businesses in Viet Nam. If you do not have a website, the business will miss a lot of good opportunities because of its potential customers in the market and abroad.

Expanding markets and market access for a small fee.

Is not approach the world market.Difficult to reach a broad market with less cost.


Improving the quality of customer service, provide information causes.

Does not provide sufficient information to customers quickly, conveniently.

Do not answer questions, the requirement of customers quickly, efficiently.

Failure to provide the service is convenient for customers to select, order.

The factors above really important when enterprises are subject customers in the remote, in many local, national.

Marketing global scope - information quickly with low cost by:

Does not transmit much more information, duration.

Not easy to track performance, recognition of the interactive customer.

Reduce costs.

Marketing costs traditions. Printing costs, sending the document, contacted by phone, fax ... especially when the remote recipient (inter province, international).

Additional personnel costs, in higher (for supermarkets, galleries ...). . Create "face" business impressive, modern and professional - to increase competitive advantage.

When competitors have a website that businesses do not have the business difficult to keep old customers and find more new customers.

Professionalism in this era of Globalization, Technology, Information, Knowledge Economy ... "A business does not have a website does not necessarily follow at timely , not professional" - that is what people think and like.

A website with impressive, professional with full functionality, information, facilities for viewers to help businesses: Create the best impression.

Remove the gap between businesses large and small, domestically and internationally . Is an efficient tool for small business competition across businesses reach large.




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