10 tips when designing websites
Thursday, 18 December 2008 17:35
Number will increase more if your site visitors are easily found in the invisible text on the web site. If you want to do that your site must be in the position from 1 - 30 on Google for a certain keywords. Posts Did this give you 10 the basic elements of optimizing a web site with the search.


1. Determining the structure website

Did You first need outlined so content through the main sections of the site. From there you can define your site should have and what form it. For example, a site about economic policy, you need to have separate entries for different types of books such as marketing, management, financial accounting, law, import / export, etc. .. After that you leave it to the child, as in the book market with basic marketing, international marketing, market research, advertising, direct marketing ...


2. Content sites are important

Did You need to find out how the market will be looking for your product. Need to find out the fake all different, experiment and adjust so that reasonable. For sites located in the top 10 search results, you need to have prepare things as methods and techniques well.

Did Can interested in both aspects: the content must be matched with access to that content and layout how to fit in the search.


3. Determining title, keyword, description and content sites

Did Meta Tags (the metadata) include 3 types mainly title, keywords and site description. Subject was rated the most important of 3 types of meta tags. It not only helps attract the rate of access through the search results but also affect the search for keywords or phrases appropriate.


Did You should put the title include keywords you want to locate your site. Meta tags should be selections from the keywords related to the content site and appear in the content.


So Did occurrence of keywords in a site should not exceed 3 times, because the more effective is not improving. Meta Tags describe also important because many of the searches are interested in this kind of the tag and it describes as an overall content site to help people easily access the site selection in accordance with the need to find yourself.


4. Be careful with the use of certain methods of technical

Did It very important that you need designed to "spider" (spider web - spiderbot) of the search engine can find see the main sections easily the most. Therefore, the abuse of technical design as flash, frame enabled will cause difficulties for the search system to read data from the site. So your first web page will also be limited. Speaking is more specific when using flash or frame enabled, visitors will see the content, but the search will not be able to read the text and see it as a white page.


5. How map site (site map)

Did Designed site map will help both visitors and the spider search. How to arrange reasonable links HTML, including effective keyword (for example, instead of using the keyword "clothing" in general should use keywords that match an object that as "populations Children's clothing "). Site Map must be designed to connect the entire site.


6. Keep the site light

Did To contribute to optimize the search engine, links from the sites home page should only have from 350 to 550 words. When the contents of a page is too long, you should be divided into many different sites, but it should uphold the presentation (Layout) original. There are a number of searches are often ignored pages exceeds 100 Kb. So you need to find ways to reduce the amount of the site.


7. Always ensure uniformity

Did design sites so that the Spiderman (spiderbot) search the text easily. For images of the site, you should be named in accordance with the content of the site and from its own key of each page. The goal of optimizing the search should be uniformity throughout your site - each site should be viewed as a potential gate from the search.


8. Learn about the competitors

Did Usually one or self-complete your site to have higher second position. However, to effectively higher than you should research sites with interesting high with keywords of them to understand what they are doing and why these sites have the second highest position. Should create a "table comparing the competitors", listed a number of competitors leading to a few groups of keywords specific to market goods or services of your business.


9. Construction, measurement and edit

If you really respected position your site in the search, you need to prepare some changes and adjustments so that the justice. And to know your job effectively does not need a period of relatively long, can be 6 months. You will need to develop the site with the goal of creating favorable conditions for both visitors and those looking for Spiderman.

Did Make sure you have provided sufficient information for visitors and the search is not, consider whether the competitors have done better than you?

10. Should focus on a number of searches certain

Did You should be careful to put the site up too much of the search. For a high position on a search of a need to plan things carefully, a clear mandate with the use of the code rather than the registration of the massively search. You need to know how to read how many people visited the site, traffic through each of the search.


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