Google testing open source software Native Client
Thursday, 18 December 2008 17:01
Google recently launched software allows web developers write programs stronger, can work directly with the OS and not running through a browser.
called Co Native Client, software engineers are Google's 8/12/2008 released today by the license open source software. Although still in early stages of development but Google said, the last Native Client can help web developers create web programs run faster, feel similar to desktop applications than real.
Google does not expect the software will be widely used soon. 'Native Client is a technology research should be the purpose of issuing this time is introduced for the research community, security, open source and obtain feedback and their contribution ", a women's Interim Googlers said.
Native Client may seem similar to the ActiveX technology, but Microsoft will run on Linux and Mac OS and Windows, today 8/12/2008 web specialists said. Native Client is the same technology with Adobe's Alchemy. The developers create their code by using a version of the GNU C Compiler Compiler, so that desktop applications can be compiled to run on the user's PC through a plug-in browser specification distinction. To keep safe for Native Client, Google has built its meaning "inner-sandbox" to analyze the code to find bugs security, protect the rest of the OS from the injured ton.
According to Google , Native Client will not replace any existing technology, which will coexist to create better applications. This software works with Google Chrome browser, Firefox, Safari, Opera (the developers hope in the future will support both Microsoft's Internet Explorer).


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