9/18 concept of web-marketing, creating a difference
Friday, 19 December 2008 10:34
If you are lung classes search for the secrets of successful e-commerce, you actually encounter garment at this time. "18 concept web-Marketing (online marketing) to create differences" can give you a competitive advantage on the battlefield big business.
If these thoughts reason formation at half a brain left does not help you to be where you want to look forward, try the creative concept follows:

1. Thinking khan audience, rather than market

Your market is what? Let's reliance on the help of experts to solve these problems better e-commerce, and one of the first questions that the experts will ask you is: your market is what? The longer the single men aged 18-34 with a little name for Spot or women were married in the age of 45-49 are depression husband to the neck and can not have the second minute from the quiet the young child. It is possible, very possible, they're asking the wrong question.

Worldwide Web is not the market, which is the object, the audience, listening to other people. They need to be entertainment, light and mount. If not, you'll never get what they desired.

It's time to think you're sending out marketing messages how. Please treat the site as the khan audience, not the market, and you can see what is required for success in the online world.

2. Think people, not is not the customer

Are you aware of all the web visitors you attract them through optimizing the search engine? How many people actually shopping? Please stop dealing with the visitors as they are customers.

Instead let's treat them the same way as the nature of them - human beings. Completely right, man. We all know, there are species of animals have fun with two legs desired, needs, passions and maybe even a couple of dollars to spend.

Our customers are always looking for a fair agreement and will be away from the site just want to get their money the hard earned. Be treated with the visitors your web as you can satisfy the desired, needs and passions.

It is possible it will create a difference: a small step for the reliability of the site, a cu rocketed big jump for successful e-commerce later.

3. Thinking experience, and not a feature

Features products that really mean? You do not think so. Many companies focus on the characteristics exactly according to what people search, but customers do not buy features, they do not even buy solutions.

What people actually buy it is the experience: hope that the experience is good. Whether it is a que cream or a new accounting, people pay for you because the experience that products or services you provide.

Does your site to ensure a pleasant experience? It has been explained that the benefits of products or services you offer? If not, you will not really get anything people want.

4. Think emotions, not reason

Think you're a man of reason, always make a reasonable decision based on the standard practice with the results platform? What are the functions of thinking when you bought the leather pants last year, or a 60 inch plasma television you buy to see the Hollywood movie?

Be realistic. You make the decision to purchase based on what you'd expect, and then justify them with the explanation of reasonable. Everyone, too. Therefore, please stop these efforts enable people on the basis of the aspects of reason and reality. Instead, let's start promoting the emotional aspects of marketing.

If your efforts enable customers - people that just satisfied with the product features with the lowest price, you are mistaken marketing object.

5. Thinking memories, not promotion

Most animals are living in the present. Conversely, men living in the past. Current as well as our plans for the future of us is based on experience, history and memories of us.

We are taking pictures of their children daily, recording the holidays or special occasion, we celebrate birthdays, anniversary or some memorable landmarks column somehow.

The marketing activities of acceptance - of capital should help build the long-term customers and relationships are attached - not only are the coupons, the promotion or sales promotions, it also inspired the memories memorable.

6. Think marketing, and not a SEO

You probably have heard advice: Think about marketing - not optimized search engine (Search Engine Optimization - SEO).

Make sure you will be directed as many people to your site as many as possible this much, but if the message your marketing complex, no key and difficult to understand because the density of keywords day special service SEO, all they do only cause waste of time people only? And everyone will be angry at you because of it.

7. Think time, not quantity

Not concerned about how many people to your site regularly or twice, the important point is that they stay for how long. If people nan opportunity your site long enough to know about messages in your marketing, you have to say is something worth listening to, and if everyone shifts up the outstanding message, your site has been completed tasks of his.

If your site offers a message, you can expect to receive requests by e-mail or phone about to do to, but then everything entirely up to you and your staff to sell end transaction: Man complete the purchase transaction, not the site.

8. Think stories, not promoting sale

Have you ever heard the story about the daughter of a farmer and search engine online? Everyone love story. In fact, before the script was clever out, the story is transmitted mouth to how knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation, and that is the way information is sent from this region to other areas.

Now we have environmental web multimedia, through which we can create the creative audio or video errors always inspired open imagination and attached it to a marketing message that people will not can forget who you are. Nothing can provide information, building up the mount and entertainment with a performance or story.

9. Think the focus, not the confused ram

This time once again to tell you who will listen to you all the wonderful things that you and your company can do. The problem with speaking with them everything they can cause becomes confusing and difficult to ram hieu.Nhung product or service, what is most important to your company - what you decide will provide for everyone? That's what you want to say. That's what you want the marketing efforts to focus on. That's what you want people to think when you hear your name or see your logo.

Make sure all your communication is key, but not by the marketing messages easily be forgotten or become more complex.

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