Marketing and profit
Friday, 19 December 2008 11:04

Who is responsible for profitability in your company. In the vast majority of B2B and B2C companies, department sales are considered to be "a chicken egg layer of gold" of the enterprise, while marketing departments are usually considered to be "co may spend money". And as a result of sales holding most of the "power politics" in any organization which phases in the enterprise.

Marketing departments often been regarded as a people "under the reference" in the company. There are many companies compassion of sales - department to participate in all meetings on a weekly basis, while no one from the marketing department was involved at all. The director of that company thinking about marketing as a cost, not a strategic asset for business growth.

As one marketing specialist said in a workshop of the CMO (Marketing Director) in the U.S. recently, saying, "Division of us is the management of high-level recognition as the person who makes the offer 'Pied' ". Available by Phil Fernandez, Chairman cum CEO of the carrier's automated marketing Marketo (, it clearly is marketing have to endure a crisis of trust and pleasant.

So, the marketer can do something for them to be recognized as part of the machine co ROI, but the source must cost the company charges?

1. Forecasted results, but not the spending

The marketer must be predicted and calculated before the number of potential customers, the sales and profits arising with a big confidence. Sales and marketing must sit together to discuss on the profits to make a forecast of the coming quarter and next year.

The role of marketing is to forecast how many potential customers with quality will participate in the pheu marketing, how much of that will last a lot pheu and how many people will become the main client knowledge in a time of fixed somehow in the future.

2. Create business situations for essential spending

Marketing also need to create situations strict business (Business Case hard) for the resources needed to ensure that the forecast was proposed. This task requires marketing department must be aware of what is needed - time, money and effort - to get potential customers and raising them until they are ready to talk with the sales department .

The marketer using methods close to this type of decision on the marketing spend will also be able to advocate and protect the spending of his. If CEOs want to cut 10% of the cost of marketing, CMO can specify exactly what the impact will be on sales next quarter of the company.

3. Use the method of assessment marketing really mean with CEO and CFO

Methods of assessing applications such as brand awareness, impressive, ranking organic search, satisfaction and quality are very important, but they only really useful when you are connected to a quantitative method to assess the "hard" as sales, earnings and profits.

Table clock and Marketing to assess and measure the impact of all marketing activities, whether "hard" or "soft". However, it should also maintain any method of assessing essential for marketing.

When talking with the director of the company, the marketing specialists need to strive to describe the changes in the assessment contrary line will impact how to evaluate the line through meaningful to the whole the company.

By speaking the same language as in the CEO and CFO, the CMO will better convey the impact and value of marketing.

4. Use the methods and standards are best practices

There are two main benefits of using methods that are practical and proven by documentation.

Firstly, it provides a common language for consistent communication inside and outside the department. The consistency is essential for the relationship and forecasting reliability, as well as to compare the exact value of between potential customers and opportunities.

Second, a method that is best practices to improve business operations by helping each marketer act as the specialist in passive, not concerned about their experiences with any strategies or any channel are in place.

Have for a long time, marketing is seen as an art not a science. Implementing a method of marketing practices and consistent will help in a very long step in changing that perception.

5. Deploying technology automation market

Technology automation sales force (Sales force automation - SFA) has become a problem not think for most companies. Estimated in the United States to have 75% of companies deploying this technology.

SFA solutions is important mounted Sales department with a profit of the company. No SFA, the director of sales will be more difficult to achieve the predicted and the effective enforcement of these sales methods vary.

Not Luckily, most of the marketing seems to realize that can not implement technology automation and marketing to support the action taken by them. Problems with solutions marketing traditional quite expensive, requiring these investments right away and need more resources information technology to implement and maintain this technology.

But luck is with the strong increase of software on demand, today there are solutions appropriate for the reality of budget marketing and IT support. The solution provides the automation and support that need marketing to predict results, plan spending, judging vision impact and improve action.

Finally, marketing can and must earn a seat at the table profit of the company. The earn a seat this requires the action as the other departments possesses a chair similar:

- It requires giving the forecasting, planning to spend and evaluate the results using the appropriate methods, such as cash flow, earnings, ....

- It requires enforcement methods are studying best practices - are supported by software automation marketing - to help build the communication is consistent and improved action.

- And since those responsible for the better is the need to have for the better, it requires that marketing should be conducted in accordance with commitments by providing more and better potential customers for team sales of the company.

Only then, new marketing is seen as a partner along side with Ban's efforts in improving the profitability of the company.

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